Welcome to Hotel and hostel casa de huespedes karlsson Jinotepe, Nicaragua!

The Hostel is situated 47 km south from Managua. There are good communications from the airport to the hostel in Jinotepe. You can choose taxi , rather cheap or an even cheaper bus from the airport.


Casa de huespedes karlsson is an friendly and easy place to stay at. The owners are from Sweden and Nicaragua. They live at the hostel with their family and started  seven years ago.

We have experience from visiting groups from many diffrent countries, and many other kinds of guests.


We have a broad network of contacts with organisations in Jinotepe and the surroundings. Especially in sports, culture and human aid.

We are happy to help if you want to connect to some organisation in this area. If you need transports or help with other practical things dont hesitate to ask us.


The hostel offerrs activities as tabletennis, gym and also a provide a smaller library.


WiFi internet included in price.


The hostel:

Rooms: 5

Beds: 12

Single an doublerooms

Private bathrooms and shared.

There is a big room available for diffrent activities as eating , meetings and education.

The hostel garden is available for the guests.


We offer all sort of meals with typical Nicaraguan food  and drinks.


We speak english, spanish and swedish. 



One night p/p between 7-12 usd.

Meals between 2-3 usd.



there are about 50 000 inhabitants in Jinotepe. Jinotepe is situated in the heart of Carazo, Nicaragua.

It is a safe and friendly city for tourists. In the citycentre is a big narket where you can buy nearly everything.From the busstation you can easily go to other interestin places in Nicaragua. For example, Masaya, Catarina, Granada, San Juan del Sur, Isla de Omotepe och many beaches at the Pacific coast.




How to get here:

Casa de huespedes karlsson, Jinotepe, Nicaragua.

Iglesia La Rocca,

(antes cine Cora)

3 cuadras al sur 1/2 cuadra al este, 25 varas al norte

Telephono: tel +5052532-0157 cel: +5058494-8739 8468-9629 (landsnummer Nicaragua: 00505,eller +505

Booking or questions, please email:


Welcome: Nexi Oneyda Karlsson y Kjell Karlsson